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How Does It Work?

Explore our intuitive and tailor-made process for delivering you the exact Statistical analysis which you require.

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Send your Datask

Send us your data, usually in Excel format, along with the research question you would like us to answer.


First analysis - Free

We examine your data and the question, to make sure that all required information is provided. If it is possible to answer the question with your data, we will send you a project description and a price quote. If it is not possible, we will inform you of the limitation in your data, for free.

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You send the payment for the service. Prices usually range between 200$ to 5000$.
110% refund guaranteed in case you are not satisfied with the results. We will pay you back more than you paid us, we will only ask for your feedback to understand why the results were not to your satisfaction.


We run the Statistical research

Our team of experts run all the data augmentation, cleaning and Statistical methods required to get you the right answers.

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We answer your Datask

You receive a human readable easy to understand report with the answer to your research question, along with any required graphs, tables and explanations of technical concepts.
It is also possible to get the source code which we used.

Best Statistical Analysis Services

Get the best Statistical analysis services you need to help you successfully meet your project planning goals and deadline

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Delivery is usually within days for the average type of project.

Different analysis types

We do experimental design, multivariate regressions, hypothesis testing, time series analysis, cluster analysis, classification algorithms, supervised and unsupervised methods and more.


Report visualizations are designed to give you understanding of the data and tools to explain the findings and the methods to others.


Our team is made of statisticians, machine learning and deep learning PHDs. If your data is workable, we will deliver.


We offer audio and video consultation meetings. Contact us for more details.

Support all major platforms

We work with Python, R, Stata, SPSS, Java, C#, Matlab and Excel.

One-shop Statistical analysis services for your peace of mind

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What do clients say?

Join our group of satisfied clients.

We were greatly impressed with the delivery, professionalism, technical abilities and communication skills.

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Marius Kalytis
COO, CGTrader

Datask brings advanced analytical methods to help me improve my portfolio

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Lior Hasid
CEO, LiorHD investments

Datask designed and implemented a flexible and efficient system that could easily be adopted to any of our client' requirements

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Amnon Shenfeld

Datask masters and are experienced in lots of machine learning, statistical inference and data analysis models and methods.

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Boaz Lowenstein